About Me

barbette huntWhat makes me unique as a therapist? First of all, my life experience. I have lived a life full of rich and varied experiences: as an actor, a wife, a mother, and now as a therapist for the past 14 years.

I worked for several years in a community based mental health facility, where I worked with whomever walked in the door. This training was invaluable, as it taught me how to make a connection with almost anyone, to trust my intuition, to listen empathetically and non-judgmentally.

I’m often asked about my “approach” or “theory.” I am fundamentally psychodynamic, which means I believe in exploring one’s past to identify core issues and patterns. I’m also pragmatic, meaning I believe in whatever works for the problem at hand. Every person is unique and therefore requires a unique approach.

I think people are fascinating. As a therapist, sometimes I feel a bit like a Sherlock Holmes: what is making this person tick? What could be making them choose behaviors that are clearly not working to their advantage? What do they really feel about themselves and others, and where did those attitudes come from?

We each have a story to tell and our own unique challenges. It is when these challenges interfere with our living a joyous, fulfilling life that we can use a detective in our lives. Sometimes we need someone to do the detective work: to help us figure out what obstacles we have unwittingly put in our path to success and help us devise a plan for removing them.

This is where I step in as a detective, a mirror, a confidant who can see things you may never have seen, or perhaps weren’t willing to acknowledge. In the process, we build a relationship of respect and trust, maybe the first such relationship you’ve ever had. What a feeling: to be seen, to be understood, to be accepted.