I welcome everyone into my office, and I help people with many different problems.The following three groups are particularly familiar to me because of my own background.

Families in the Entertainment Industry

Families in EntertainmentHaving been an actor, and having a family immersed in the entertainment industry, I understand the unique challenges this may present: long absences, grueling hours, extended periods of unemployment, the uncertainty of knowing what’s coming next and when. This is often hardest on the family member who’s left at home: the loneliness, isolation, responsibility for “holding the fort.”  For the working member of the family, the struggles are also great: ” I’ll never work again” is a common theme that I hear.

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Young Adults

Young AdultsYoung adulthood is fraught with anxieties about career, relationships,  familial expectations, children, the meaning of life. The idea of “growing up” can be scary and confusing. I can help you find perspective, prioritize what’s important and discover where your heart wants to lead you.

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Families of Children With Special Needs

Monet's Water LiliesAs the mother of a daughter with special needs, I know only too well the impact this has on you as an individual and on the family as a whole. I understand the emotional and physical toll that caring for a special child can take. I’ve been through the maze of services, educational opportunities, and medical attention that need to be set up and monitored constantly. I know the confusion and anger that siblings often feel.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”Aristotle. Pretty smart guy.

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