Young Adults

Young AdultsBeing a young adult is fraught with anxieties about career, relationships,  familial expectations, children, the meaning of life. The idea of “growing up” can be scary and confusing. I can help you find perspective, prioritize what’s important and discover where your heart wants to lead you.

It’s no secret that our ideas about “adulthood” are in flux at the moment. Gone are the days when it was expected that a young person in his or her twenties would find a job, marry, and produce heirs, in that order. Today, we have abandoned this formula, and the result is that we are faced with many more choices, for better and worse. The more choices we have, the more confusing it can be to find the “right” choice. This is especially true for women, in that their choice to have children is time limited.

One of the most talked about books at the moment is “Lean In,” in which the  author encourages women in the workplace to give it their all and ask for what they want. In discussions about this idea, we are left wondering ” Can women have it all?” I think the answer must be addressed on an individual basis, and that requires some soul searching.

This is true for men as well. More and more men are deciding to be house husbands and primary caregiver for their children. Their decision may not be regarded kindly by the older generation, their fathers for instance, as they likely had a different dream for their son. Not easy to determine one’s  course of action when parental approval conflicts with one’s decision.

Without a template for adulthood, with so many options open to young people today, its helpful to have someone who will explore with you what is most important, what can wait, what gives you the most satisfaction, what you might be willing to give up, and how to start the process of creating the grown up life you want.

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